Furniture Care


Over the first few months please take extra care with your new piece of furniture while the oil finish fully cures and the wood settles into your environment.

Wood is the best natural material for building furniture. It is strong and beautiful, and can be sourced sustainably.
We search extensively and hand select the absolute best raw materials for our projects. Our furniture is made for durability and longevity. We apply the highest grade natural finish to all of our products.
Solid wood is a natural material, any cracking and warping are intrinsic characteristics of natural solid wood furniture. We embrace this graceful aging process, as it adds more character and beauty to solid wood furniture.
There are also diverse environmental issues that may affect your furniture. Temperature and humidity are contributing factors to the health and well being of solid wood furniture.
Do not wash or soak with water or apply any cleaning products to your wood furniture. Clean with a damp water cloth. Dip the cloth in water and mild detergent (optional), wring off the excess water, and wipe in the direction of the wood grain or in circular motion.